Terms of Use

  1. Introduction: Our shop is designed to serve and satisfy the Customer and the Visitor of our website. Therefore, and in full respect of your rights and obligations towards you, we fully apply the applicable law governing electronic (distance) transactions (Law 2251/1994, Directive 2011/83 / EU of the European Parliament and Council of 25/10/2011, PD 131/2003) and Decree 31619 Fin 15/22.3.2017.

For this reason, and for your better service and convenience, it is necessary to read before the transaction through our website or even for the simple use of it by a Visitor, the terms of use listed below. Any ordering products through this website or its use in any way means the unconditional acceptance by the Customer and the Visitor of all of the following terms, which will govern such transaction-use. The non-acceptance of the terms implies the inability to order through this website and the obligation not to use the services of this e-shop.

  1. Business Details: Our store belongs to the limited partnership under the name “KAPPAS LLC”, which is located at 19, Laniti Street in Athens (area: Ano Kypseli, PC 11363), with VAT No: EL 800716262 and Η.Β.R. No: 138099203000. Contact with our store is by phone at +30 210-8615324 (fixed-fax), while our e-mail address is info@fabricart.gr.
  2. Ordering and payment of a sales invoice by the Customer: Each order through this website implies an obligation on the Customer to pay the price of the ordered merchandise. The Customer prepays the price and provides several ways to pay the price (by debiting a bank account or by charging a credit / debit card or sending a postal check).

The Value Added Tax (VAT) is always quoted on our website. In addition to the price, there is an extra charge for the courier cost, which is calculated and reported after the order form has been completed and before it was submitted.

Our store confirms Customer’s order by sending a confirmation message via e-mail or facsimile to it, depending on how the order was placed. Following this confirmation, it is considered that the relevant contract has been drawn up between the Customer and our shop.

  1. Return of Products: Goods delivered by our store will be based on the specifications and choices of the Customer.
    Our store takes care of the excellent quality of its products. However, if a purchased product has defects or a lack of agreed properties, we undertake the repair or replacement (as the case may be) of the product, which is returned to us free of charge from the Customer. In this case, the return should take place after prior consultation with our store, which will indicate the most convenient way to return.

In any case, it is noted that for any defective product or lack of matched properties, our shop is under the responsibility, as provided by articles 534 et seq. of the Civil Code.

The defect should, of course, be constructive or due to our shop and not to misuse or treatment on the part of the Customer, and our shop is not responsible even if the specifications (eg dimensions-sizes) Customer gave us the order, they are incorrect. We also preserve the exact representation on the photographic material of this site of our products for sale, but there may be a slight variation in the color tones of the products displayed in the photographs, which is not a defect in them.

  1. Right to change the order: The Customer has the right to request (by fax or e-mail) at his / her discretion within ten (10) days of receipt of the purchased product his / her change with another product or products, up to Of the value of the price paid. In this case, the cost of returning the product shall be borne by the Customer, and a price difference shall not be refunded. A prerequisite for the exercise of this option is that the returned product or products are in excellent condition, as they were delivered to the Customer.

Individualized (tailor-made) products are excluded from the right to change the order, ie products that have been manufactured to the specifications of a specific Customer (eg personalised canvas paintings).

  1. Time and method of delivery of the goods: Our shop is always responsible for the quickest possible execution of the order and the delivery of the ordered products, and in any case (depending on the order and the place of delivery) the delivery to the Customer takes place at the latest Within thirty (30) days of the order.

Until the delivery of the orders to the Customer, our shop bears full responsibility for any loss or damage. However, this liability does not apply if the Customer chooses his own carrier or third party for the delivery and receipt of the orders.

For the delivery of goods our shop cooperates with courier company “TROCHADIN”. The Customer is informed by our store of the shipping number and can monitor the progress of the transfer process from www.trohadin.gr.

  1. Right to cancel: The Customer has the right at any time before the product is sent to proceed without charge and without any absolute justification for the cancellation of his order. The cancellation declaration is either sent by fax or e-mail. You will find the cancellation form attached to this link. In this case, all of the Client’s money is returned from our store to him within 14 days of the cancellation of the order, without any charge and using the same means of payment as the Customer has used, Unless the latter suggests otherwise, but not less convenient for the store.

The Customer also has the right within fourteen (14) days of delivery to him (or a third person authorized to act on his behalf) of the sellers to withdraw from the contract without any clear justification. In this case, however, the Customer shall bear the cost of returning the goods to our store, which must take place within 14 days of the cancellation notice and shall be performed by courier service of the Customer’s choice.

The money paid by the Customer for the purchase price is refunded to him by our store no later than 14 days after the cancellation statement, without any charge and using the same means of payment as the Customer has used , Unless the latter suggests otherwise, but not less convenient for the store.

Refusal and return of the goods shall not be accepted: (a) when the order concerns individualized products, ie products which have been manufactured to the specifications of a specific Customer (eg vests made on the basis of the size and dimensions of a particular person) and (b) If the products have suffered irreparable damage or damage. If the damage or damage is not irreparable, the Customer is responsible for reducing the value of the products.

  1. Personal Data: The browsing of this site is free and without any recording of the Visitor’s identity and data. Please note that our site uses cookies as a necessary means for its proper operation and for the best service of Visitors and Customers. Cookies do not cause damage to the users-visitors computers or to the files stored on them, and it is not possible to record through them the identity of the Visitors of the site.

Please note that it  is not technically possible to continue using this site without the user accepting the cookie sending.

Our shop collects the necessary personal data of our Customers (such as name, address, telephone, e-mail, etc.) for the fulfillment of their order, repayment Of the price and for their better service. These data are kept confidential and are not disclosed in any way to third parties, except in cases where law, conscience and good faith are necessary for the realization of the order (such as providing the name And the address of the Customer to the courier for the delivery of the product).

Transaction through our e-shop and the provision of personal data is also a statement by the Customer regarding the unconditional approval and acceptance of our use by us for its servicing and transaction, as well as a statement of the truth of the data of them.

Customer’s personal data is not retained by our shop after completion of the transaction and the mutual fulfillment of the obligations of the parties, but the Customer may, if he so wishes, allow their maintenance to facilitate their servicing in a future transaction; or To send messages about our products to it.

In the latter case the Customer always reserves the right to request access to these data at any time or to object (containing a request for correction, completion, temporary non-utilization, blocking or deletion of such data) in accordance with the provisions of articles 12 and 13 of Law 2472/1997 “On Personal Data”.

  1. Transaction and communication security: Our store uses technology and means (SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology) to maximize the protection of our customers’ personal data trusted by us to ensure that access to However, the store is not responsible for any interventions – organized hacking and similar malicious actions by third parties.
  2. How to resolve disputes: Our store immediately and honestly reviews any complaints that you may have submitted to us by fax or e-mail, and in any case we will also make direct contact with you Settlement of any issue.

An out-of-court settlement of any dispute that may arise in connection with the performance of the contract may take place by means of an appeal by the Customer to a Complaints Committee of Consumer Disputes operating in each General District (former Prefecture) or the Consumer Ombudsman, as well as to any Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Agency registered in the relevant Registry in accordance with the Joint Ministerial Decision (Economic, Justice) 70330/2015.
It should also be noted that there is the possibility of an alternative dispute resolution by electronic means, by lodging a complaint to the EU-wide online consumer dispute resolution platform (ODR platform) via the following link: http://www.efpolis.gr/ el / epanorthosi-askisi-dikaiomaton / 79-exodikastiki-epilisi.html
In the event that a Customer wishes to appeal to an out-of-court alternative dispute resolution body, our store is committed to following – in any other way – this process.

  1. Copyright: The copyrights of the photographic material, logos and all material in general on this website belong to our store or have been licensed by its proprietors. It is therefore not allowed to copy, reproduce or in any way use and exploit this material and all the content of the web site in general from third parties without prior written permission.
  2. Links and social networking means: This site refers to third-party websites and social networking sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). These links are provided solely for the convenience and convenience of the Customer. Our store has absolutely no relation to the management of these third-party media and web sites, nor the ability to control them and hence the terms of use of the medium of those webpages, and our shop is not responsible for the comments and any kind of postings to third-party users, which they also do not control, nor And referral to the relevant websites means in any way approving or accepting any of their content, with which it also has absolutely no relationship.
  3. Possibility of modifying the conditions of use: Our shop may freely modify these terms of use whenever it deems necessary, and any change will be immediately disclosed on this site. Changes will in no case take up transactions for which orders have already been placed.
  4. Custom Paintings with Images: We give our best effort to provide flawless products but due to technical restrictions the final product may vary from the provided image. We cannot be held responsible for any, if they exist, copyrights that come along with the photos provided.